About Joseph Faust


JOSEPH FAUST is a leader in the field of personal development, and founder of the Love Life School.

Joseph is an entrepreneur and has served as an advisor to leaders on lifestyle strategies, peak performance, love life matters of the heart and other life-changing decisions for more than 25 years.

Joseph has special multi-decade interest in what creates, supports, and sustains mutually-fulfilling connections and partnerships.


Joseph is an inspiring speaker, coach, author, creator of practical toolkits for better living (Productivity Toolkit and the Money Management Toolkit).

Joseph grew up in Venice Beach, graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara, hold a black belt in Taekwondo, and lives in Santa Monica, California.

Joseph enjoys creating, facilitating, and co-creating personal-development events that bring awareness, clarity, alignment, energy, excellence, momentum, productivity, emotional intelligence, deeper connections, love, purpose, courageous action and true fulfillment, to daily life!

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