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Money & Business

* How to DOUBLE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY (in 30 days or less), and work less hours.

* The easiest and most effective personal MONEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (for individuals and businesses with incomes under 250k per year.)


Relationships, Love, Fitness & Sex

* The FOUR major types of COMMUNICATION (a quick overview, and when to utilize which)

* How to create more RELATIONAL ALIGNMENT (by creating “good feelings & comfort”…before talking about “facts”)

* How right vs. left brain HEMISPHERIC DOMINANCE impacts your relationships

* The SIX EMOTIONAL NEEDS (including what to do when your priorities and your lover’s priorities are different)

* The 100% natural, simple, no supplement way to build SIX-PACK ABS without going to the gym.

* How to increase SEXUAL ATTRACTION and SEXUAL STAMINA through attention, intention and breath. And why Purpose and Presence matter so much

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