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      Learning About Love - Joseph Faust


Radio Show – Interview

Dating, Couples, Family Dynamics, Merging Families and More…



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DO WHAT YOU LOVE & Thrive << next event  July 29th

The Ultimate Personal Best Lifestyle Alignment Process

An experiential process that results in you being clear on how to create your personal best lifestyle (and the path of least resistance to it). Learn the key to manifesting your personal best lifestyle…with ease.

Guaranteed to be worth more than ten times your investment.

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A delightful, fun, extremely engaging experiential process that gives you the ability to enrich the quality of the connection…with anyone you speak with. (a personal interpersonal experience…expect about 14 people)

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for his availability to provide YOUR GROUP with a breakthrough experience, on any of the following:


Money & Business

* How to DOUBLE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY (in 30 days or less), and work less hours.

* The easiest and most effective personal MONEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for individuals

and businesses with incomes under 250k per year.



Relationships, Love, Fitness & Sex

* The FOUR major types of COMMUNICATION (a quick overview, and when to utilize which)

* How to create more RELATIONAL ALIGNMENT (by creating “good feelings and comfort”…before talking about “facts”)

* How right vs. left brain HEMISPHERIC DOMINANCE impacts your relationships

* The SIX EMOTIONAL NEEDS (including what to do when your priorities and your lover’s priorities are different)

* The 100% natural, fast, simple, no supplement way to build SIX-PACK ABS without going to the gym.

* How to increase SEXUAL ATTRACTION.

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