You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

– John Kabt-Zimm

If you ever have to choose between “loving and being loved”, choose to be loving.

– Joseph Faust, Founder Love Life School  Study with us, and you will find both!


“How we begin “romantic relating” reveals our attraction and discernment skills.
Our actual relationship reveals our emotional intelligence, empathy, sexual artistry, self-care, partnership-care, alignment, and communication skills. And how we end a romance reveals…our availability, the depth of our love, compassion and resourcefulness.”

– Joseph Faust, Founder Love Life School


“The end of a “romantic relationship” often feels like a huge loss…
and what do you imagine would happen

if we truly appreciated
what we shared and learned,
and then imagined
the end of the romance as our graduation day
or as an open invitation
to freely explore next level adventures?”

– Joseph Faust, Founder Love Life School


Relationship Success Test:Is your lover and their life thriving during and after your time together? If so, then you are likely having a positive impact.”

– Joseph Faust, Founder Love Life School