do what you love




Joseph Faust,

the “Love Life School”,

and the “Transformation Team”



Do What You Love & Thrive!


This one-day event…

will enrich your present and your future,

because you discover more

alignment with what love.

is the highest leverage process

to create a life aligned with…

what you most desire to experience in life.

is easy to do, and fun, once you discover

how the process works!

is an intimate event, at Joseph’s,


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for 14 people would like to connect with

some awesome people…

while discovering an almost magical way to

create a lifestyle that is fully aligned with what each

participant, personally, loves the most!


“The more you truly show up for life- not hanging back but truly investing in yourself heart and soul- the more life will show up for you.” – Marianne Williamson

How do you get in?

If you are on your phone, and want a single ticket you can send $197, via

If you are on your computer or want multiple tickets, you can get them at the bottom of this page.

When your lifestyle matches

what you most love…

your life becomes a work of art,

a JOY to live,

and a great foundation for giving

your deepest gifts to the world.

Is this really possible?



In fact, it’s here!


Discover the easiest way to live

a life FULL of what you LOVE.

This event could be your most fulfilling investment ever!

(Last time I led this event I got a standing ovation.)


Why the most fulfilling investment ever?

Well, because I’ll reveal to you THE ULTIMATE SECRET to LIVING A LIFE YOU LOVE including the most personally aligned path to getting there!

Reality is, most people will sabotage their chances for the kind of life they COULD have…


because they never learn and apply the essential insights necessary for this kind of success…


which unfortunately torpedoes their chance to live the life they’ve dreamed about.


The good news for YOU is…

The “Do What You Love”,


is SIMPLE and the POWER

of it will transform your life!


>> At this event, you will get, “create” , a simple

“Do What You Love”,


And be offered, both group and personal assistance

to make the most of this important resource!


>> You can look forward to participating

with great people in a supportive environment,

including a complimentary organic dinner and snacks.


Sound Good? Great!


The investment for the

“Do What You Love”

evening event, is $197.

($171 for early birds)

This will be the best $197 investment you’ve ever made.

If not, I want to hear about “the better investment”…as I’m interested in investing!


(First timers will also get an additional bonus “gift” valued at $250, at the event.)



I am looking forward to sharing this special event with you!


“Do What You Love and Thrive!”

HOSTED BY – Joseph & the Transformation Team

WHEN – Saturday, January 20th, 2018, 3:00pm-8:30pm

WHERE – Joseph’s Place, Santa Monica, CA (exact address following registration)

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How do you get in?

If you are on your phone, and want a single ticket you can send $197, via

or use your PayPal account and send to:


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If you have a question, email: or text me.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

“…when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Are you still on the fence and have some questions? Let’s talk about it!

(How can one person produce 10x’es or 100x’es, the results of another? They learn and apply something different…from one another.)

Send me an email here and I’ll respond!