For creating a higher quality of life for all.
Joseph Faust, Founder LOVE LIFE SCHOOL


Always do the right thing,

it will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

– Mark Twain


Improve the accuracy of your data,

and your results will begin to improve,

…after you adjust to the more-accurate data.

 – Joseph Faust



“When you are in a clear

non-resistant state of mind,

you have access to receiving your request.


When in a resistant state of mind,

your resistance blocks your receiving,

until you relax your resistance.”

– Joseph Faust

(Why? Because the resistance is a contradictory asking.)


It’s time for all of us to expand our awareness and create more win-win relating.
It’s a small planet with a lot of people (brothers and sisters) on it.

What works?
Ecological paradigms, Ecological principles, Ecological presuppositions.

What belief systems are good for your health, your family, your country and the world?
“Love works,” “Peace works,” “Honesty works,” “Recycling works,” “Repurposing works.”

Love Principles
“Be kind,” “Appreciate,” “Be grateful,” “Be respectful.”

Nature’s Principles (natural laws)
“Universal laws shape behavior.” (E.g., gravity).
“Your choices shift the direction for your life.”
“What you pay attention to, you experience.”
“People’s beliefs shape their life.”
“Seeds create more of the same.”
“Consciousness is a force.”
“Breathing affects flow.”
“Thoughts are things.”

“Life is a gift.”
“The past is over.”
“Success leaves clues.”
“Teamwork is valuable.”
“Diversity is a blessing.”

“The map is not the territory.”*
“Communication is redundant.”*
“Choice is better than no choice.”*
“New choices create a new future.”
“Gratitude creates more desired experiences.”

“Behind every behavior is a positive intention.”*
“Violence demonstrates a lack of resourcefulness.”*
“The messenger never rests until the message is delivered.”*
“The meaning of the communication is the response you get.”*
“People always make the best choices available to them at the time.”*
“If one person can do something other people can learn from that person’s success.”*
“Anything can be accomplished when the task is broken down into small enough chunks.”*

*NLP presuppositions.  

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