What if…


your experience

of almost everything,


is shaped by the communication

you have with yourself and others?



Relational Communication Magic (RCM)

 is a unique opportunity to experience

a more fulfilling way of relating!


RCM is a highly interactive event,

in which you will learn…

 not just HOW TO,



creating more connected and fulfilling interactions,

in delightful and surprising ways.



“A beautiful and inspiring experience.”


“I loved the way relational communication

invites and creates new ways of

connecting, even with people I just met.”


“This experience will be supportive to my future…

what I discovered will be helpful anytime communicate with anyone, bless you!”


“This class is about so much more than

a relationship working…

it’s about skills for all relationships,


being more fulfilling and successful.”


“You can use this event to

positively transform

the impact you make

with your communication,

especially in intimate situations.”


Our Promise

You will enjoy connecting more. Guaranteed.



event location


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Here are four of the keys things

many women say they value in a man…


Motivation & Drive

Good Communication Skills

Sense of Adventure

Respect for Women


By signing up for RCM

you demonstrate a value for the first three, and

you get to practice, #2, #3, and #4 at the event.


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Joseph Faust, Founder of the Love Life School,

 the Amazing Transformation Team,

and Remarkable Participants

for an Intimate Gathering

that is

Real, Inspiring, and Personal.



I Invite You


 Take Action.

Stop settling for less.


If you want to create a life you love every day, the most effective solution is through self-improvement and personal growth,

and for this…

the Love Life School events are world class.


At this RCM event, you will have the opportunity to experience real time feedback on how your communication impacts others,


adjustments you can make immediately to your communication – so that the INTENT and the IMPACT of YOUR communication match up.


You will develop powerful intimate


skills for transforming the quality of your relationships.



is authentic communication

that is extremely present-time and inter-personal.


 Learn How


Great People, Great Vibes,


Yummy Organic Food

  (snacks, dinner, light dessert)

Eating together supports community development.


 We think Virginia Woolf was correct when she said:

‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’


   This will be an opportunity to eat well.

  Coconut-butternut squash soup, likely the best guacamole you will ever have, plus a lot more.




A delightful, fun, extremely engaging  experience that gives you the ability to enrich the quality of your connection…with anyone you communicate with!


This class will also significantly contribute to your development of many 21st century skills, including…creativity, emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, optimism, confidence and courage.



Saturday, OCT. 28 th, 3:00pm-8:30pm



Joseph Faust. Love Life School Transformation Team. Special Guests. Expect 14 remarkable people. Both singles and couples thrive in our community.

If you attend with a partner you will find new ways to appreciate and be appreciated,

if you attend as a single I imagine you will find great new friends.


Relational Communication Magic will be led by Joseph Faust, an advisor to leaders in the field of personal development and founder of the Love Life School.


Read More About Joseph Faust

Joseph Faust is an entrepreneur and has served as an advisor to leaders on Lifestyle Strategies, Peak Performance, Love Life Matters of the Heart and other life-changing decisions for more than 25 years.

Joseph has special multi-decade interest in what creates, supports, and sustains mutually-fulfilling connections and partnerships.

Joseph is an inspiring speaker, coach, author, creator of practical toolkits for better living, and facilitator of personal-development events that bring awareness, clarity, alignment, energy, excellence, momentum, productivity, emotional intelligence, deeper connections, love, purpose, courageous action and true fulfillment, to daily life!





Private Residence. Joseph’s Place in the Heart of Santa Monica.

(near Wilshire Blvd. & Lincoln Blvd) Exact location provided following registration. View Map


We are getting together for a DAY and an EVENING of RCM and more…

“He spoke, and she heard him…

She spoke and she moved her body 

and their world changed.”

(When you said…I started feeling more…)


Discover how


supports authentic connection



This is about connecting with yourself

and others at a deeper level.

This event is an excellent investment! To read WHY click here

Because at THIS EVENT…


We will EXPLORE Relational Communication insights, practices and exercises for BEING MORE ATTRACTIVE & SUCCESSFUL, IN ANY SITUATION where CONNECTION MATTERS.

Reality is, most people will sabotage their chances for the kind of relationships, and the positive impact they COULD have… because they never learn and apply the essential insights necessary for… the kind of CONNECTION most people deeply desire.

And that unfortunately torpedoes the sustainability of the love life… they’ve dreamed about.


The good news for YOU is...

This intimate relational communication process is SIMPLE, it’s POWERFUL and it can transform your life!

At this event, you will be offered opportunities for both group and personal assistance to make the most of this important experience!

You can look forward to participating with Joseph and friends in a supportive environment with delicious organic food.

When used WITH CARE, these relational practices WILL open up new delightful possibilities.



RELATIONAL COMMUNICATION will increase your attractiveness and success.


RELATIONAL COMMUNICATION is about sharing who you are and what you are noticing, feeling or sensing right now, between you and the other person.


RELATIONAL COMMUNICATION is about “fully owning your experience,” “sharing: impact & context,” “offering: reflection & direction,” “owning your desire,” and more!


Loving Supportive Connections, Community & Teamwork are important, for thriving in times of change!

Price/Value Conscious? click here

Because the real costs to producing this event…Joseph’s twenty plus years of professional training-preparation, the training space, homemade organic food all day, etc. and that six hours of personal coaching with Joseph is $1,500., regardless of the ticket you get, this 5.5 hour life-transforming training is a GREAT bargain!

Come to RCM and get the inside scoop on more fulfilling relating, and have a great time connecting with some remarkable people!

ALL Attendees will be given complimentary “at home use” resources, for a Love Life You Love!

You will get exponentially more value than the price of your ticket and as Warren Buffet says, “The best investment you can make is in yourself.”



  • For Men – we are now full, text Joseph 310.433.0424 to get on the waiting list
  • For Womenas of OCT. 22nd, we have one space left!



A Ticket For You…

Week-Of Event  OCT. 22th-27th, one left, $147.

Day-Of  OCT. 28th, till noon, if available, $247.



♥ PayPal – In the SELECT YOUR TICKET/S (section above), click the link for your ticket

Zelle – Send to: 3104330424

Venmo – Send to: Joseph Faust, Love Life School


Your payment will generate a confirmation email, within 24 hr.
To request an alternative payment method, text or email Joseph 

Got a question…text 310.433.0424 or email: Joseph@JosephFaust.com

Look where you are going because you will inevitably go where you are looking.

– Emmet Fox


Also feel free to listen to Joseph, utilize relational communication and coaching

with a radio host, hosts’ spouse, and callers calling-in for live coaching!


  • You can download and/or forward this podcast.
  • If the podcast sparks a question… Ask Joseph



  Experience The Benefits…

Speak To A


Course Specialist” today!



All sales are final. Please consider your purchase carefully as there will be no refunds for this event. One courtesy transfer of your space to a friend with sufficient notice, 5 days, is permitted. There are no transfers after 5 days prior to the event as the ‘shipping window’ will have already sailed.

Here’s why…

Our intimate event space comfortably holds a maximum of 16 people, so every space is important. Plus, extensive event planning, staff scheduling, food purchasing, and prep are all done in advance.

One exception…

If you attend the full event and communicate to Joseph before going home that you are less then delighted with your investment, then your ticket fee will be refunded in full. Delighting participants is important to us!


♥ Got a question, text or email Joseph